Build a Contents Management System (CMS) for a Hugo-based Blog using GitHub Actions

Build a Contents Management System (CMS) for a Hugo-based Blog using GitHub Actions

I recommend reading this article after reading the article below. GitHub + Hugo, effectively managing blogs As I said in the previous article, the second reason I tried to migrate the existing blog to a blogger was cumbersome writing. In the case of Jekyll, to build a blog, you need Ruby and Jekyll installed on Windows, Linux, or Mac. Let’s imagine The image of myself sipping coffee in a beautiful and secluded cafe....

August 22, 2022 · baek9
GitHub + Hugo, Managing Your Blog Effectively

GitHub + Hugo, Managing Your Blog Effectively

In the previous part, we looked at how to create a blog and apply a theme using Hugo. In this part, I summarized the results of thinking about how to efficiently manage source code with a function called Submodule, assuming that GitHub is being used. Source code structure built with Hugo ¶ If you had previously built your blog with Hugo, the directory structure below would have been created. Rather than explaining everything, let’s look at a few necessary folders....

July 3, 2022 · baek9

Applying a pretty theme to a blog created with Hugo

Usually, when looking at how to build a blog using Jekyll or Hugo, config.yml or config.toml will be explained. Jekyll even mentions how to use ruby on the official website, so it’s a situation where the belly button is bigger than the belly button. config.toml is an important and essential file that contains various settings related to the blog, but I have not seen a single line of documentation explaining config....

July 2, 2022 · baek9
Back to the Static Site Generator

Back to the Static Site Generator (SSG)...

Return to previous blog ¶ In the first part, I said that I had been running an old blog hosted by a famous tool called Jekyll and GitHub Pages for a long time, but I moved to Google’s Blogger for various reasons. However, I decided to continue using the existing blog. There were several reasons for this. Unapproved by Google Adsense ¶ AdSense, provided by Google, is a service that allows advertisements in a certain space on the screen of a website and receives compensation....

June 20, 2022 · baek9
The Fastest Static Site Generator, What is Hugo?

The Fastest Static Site Generator (SSG), What is Hugo?

The previously used Jekyll was implemented in Ruby, a rather unfamiliar language, so I personally had difficulties in installation, customization, and maintenance. So I started looking for a blog platform where I could focus on writing, and although there were many good services, I chose a traditional blogger. In fact, I made a new blog using a blogger, but I gave up right away and decided to use the Static Site Generator (SSG) again to revive the existing blog....

June 20, 2022 · baek9