Build a Contents Management System (CMS) for a Hugo-based Blog using GitHub Actions

Build a Contents Management System (CMS) for a Hugo-based Blog using GitHub Actions

I recommend reading this article after reading the article below. GitHub + Hugo, effectively managing blogs As I said in the previous article, the second reason I tried to migrate the existing blog to a blogger was cumbersome writing. In the case of Jekyll, to build a blog, you need Ruby and Jekyll installed on Windows, Linux, or Mac. Let’s imagine The image of myself sipping coffee in a beautiful and secluded cafe....

August 22, 2022 · baek9
GitHub + Hugo, Managing Your Blog Effectively

GitHub + Hugo, Managing Your Blog Effectively

In the previous part, we looked at how to create a blog and apply a theme using Hugo. In this part, I summarized the results of thinking about how to efficiently manage source code with a function called Submodule, assuming that GitHub is being used. Source code structure built with Hugo ¶ If you had previously built your blog with Hugo, the directory structure below would have been created. Rather than explaining everything, let’s look at a few necessary folders....

July 3, 2022 · baek9

Applying a pretty theme to a blog created with Hugo

Usually, when looking at how to build a blog using Jekyll or Hugo, config.yml or config.toml will be explained. Jekyll even mentions how to use ruby on the official website, so it’s a situation where the belly button is bigger than the belly button. config.toml is an important and essential file that contains various settings related to the blog, but I have not seen a single line of documentation explaining config....

July 2, 2022 · baek9
Back to the Static Site Generator

Back to the Static Site Generator (SSG)...

Return to previous blog ¶ In the first part, I said that I had been running an old blog hosted by a famous tool called Jekyll and GitHub Pages for a long time, but I moved to Google’s Blogger for various reasons. However, I decided to continue using the existing blog. There were several reasons for this. Unapproved by Google Adsense ¶ AdSense, provided by Google, is a service that allows advertisements in a certain space on the screen of a website and receives compensation....

June 20, 2022 · baek9
The Fastest Static Site Generator, What is Hugo?

The Fastest Static Site Generator (SSG), What is Hugo?

The previously used Jekyll was implemented in Ruby, a rather unfamiliar language, so I personally had difficulties in installation, customization, and maintenance. So I started looking for a blog platform where I could focus on writing, and although there were many good services, I chose a traditional blogger. In fact, I made a new blog using a blogger, but I gave up right away and decided to use the Static Site Generator (SSG) again to revive the existing blog....

June 20, 2022 · baek9
Containerd communication process using gRPC

Containerd communication process using gRPC

Creating a container using Containerd ¶ The code below is an example of creating a container using Containerd. First, connect to Containerd using the UNIX domain socket containerd.sock. Containerd is a daemon process that always runs in the background. After that, through the Client object, Containerd gets the latest Debian Linux image and creates a Debian container. Very intuitive and simple, isn’t it? What you can see here is that it communicates with the process through the Client object....

June 14, 2022 · baek9
Relationships between container-related technologies

Relationships between container-related technologies, and Containerd

“Dockershim deprecated with the release of Kubernetes 1.24” ¶ The above sentence is the headline of an article published in The Register. What do you think of the sentence? I was just curious about the technology implemented by containers, but didn’t think much of it because I didn’t make a living using the related technology. However, I recently found out that it was a very big topic in the related industry....

June 13, 2022 · baek9
Choosing a Blog Platform That Causes Headaches

Choosing a Blog Platform That Causes Headaches

Static Site Generator (SSG) ¶ There was a time when a static site generator (SSG) was in the spotlight with the advent of a tool called Jekyll. I also built a blog a long time ago using Jekyll and GitHub Pages. The static site generator has the advantage of creating a great site without having to build or know the backend solutions necessary for rendering web pages, including databases. The resulting static site is implemented only with HTML (Hyper-Text Markup Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheet), and JavaScript, and operates only with a browser....

June 8, 2022 · baek9
Contribute to Chromium

Contribute to Chromium

#Chromium I record the steps I took when I first contributed to Chromium and the precautions I took. Since Chromium is a large open source community, the related procedures are introduced in great detail. If you do a search, there are many third-party posts that you can refer to. I mainly referred to the following three sources. The first two are official documents provided by the Chromium community. The last one was written by a third party, and it was written more friendly and easy, helping to intuitively and quickly understand the contribution process....

January 10, 2020 · baek9

Ash Shell Analysis on ChromeOS

#ChromeOS #Ash Ash (Aura Shell) is a shell based on Aura. The Shell class seems to play a key role. Shell object is a singleton object, and several other objects called controllers are created and initialized through the init method. The following is the part that creates and initializes the controller for the background screen. Ash::Shell::Init() { ... wallpaper_controller_ = std::make_unique<WallpaperControllerImpl>(local_state_); ... } In order to globally refer to the Shell object, which is a singleton object, the Shell class provides a static method, Get method....

August 2, 2019 · baek9